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Welcome to the IUT of Chambéry !

The IUT of Chambery has 900 students. We offer 2 year undergraduate diplomas and vocational Bachelor degrees. There are also combined courses for students who wish to continue external activities in sport, music and arts. The IUT of Chambery is a small-scale school in a medium-sized university. This means teachers will be available and will get to know you quickly in a friendly atmosphere.

Go for the international experience offered by the IUT of Chambéry : join our international semester starting on September 2023 !

Our environment

The IUT is located on a lake shore near the French Alps. Coming here, you can fully enjoy the ski resorts and also go sightseeing. We are only one hour from Lyon, Geneva, Grenoble and Italy. Isn’t this the perfect destination?



You are an international student, you do not speak French.

Bt you want to study in France ? Go for the international experience at the IUT of Chambery! We offer a full semester of undergraduate Business courses in English in the following fields:

  • Sales Management and Negotiation
  • E-commerce and E-marketing
  • Intercultural Management
  • Business Communication
  • International Business
  • European Institutional Environment and Topical Issues
  • French Additionally, each student is required to participate in a group project related to international business.


Academic calendar

Due to a national reform of our school’s undergraduate degree, the international semester will be modified in a few weeks. However, please note that the international semester will take place in the Spring semester (January-June) rather than the Autumn.

Do not hesitate to write an email to to let us know if you want an update.

You will share your classes with volunteering French students and with other international students. Very few lectures are given, you are expected to work as part of a team on practical projects and workshops. The teaching team includes professionals, IUT faculty and visiting staff.

Student profile

  • Good level of English (B1 minimum, B2 recommended)
  • Open-minded, especially as regards adapting to other cultures.
  • One year of Higher Education business studies (60 ECTS)


At the end of your studies, you will have developed your ability to work in English in an international environment and you will also achieve 30 ECTS.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees depending on situation :
French students, Erasmus European students or Non Erasmus / non European students.
Contact us for further information.

Non EU citizens – Applicants living in the countries listed below :
Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chili, China, Colombia, Congo (Brazzaville), Czech Republic, Gabon, Guinea, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, United States of America must then register with the local CampusFrance office in order to be able to apply for admission and obtain your student visa. This is a mandatory procedure.


Please browse the Campusfrance website and check your Campusfrance office.

They came

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    If I had to describe the IUT in 3 words : practical, useful (about study), and sociable (about students)
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    I remember our first European Institutions class where we had to put in a table all the things we knew about the others nationalities and about what we think others know about ours. It was an interesting game that changed the way we percieved others.
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    I was always impressed by the beauty of Savoie region
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    I became more confident in English and more successful in team-work. Thank you, French people for this nice atmosphere. Thank you, France for being my home. I hope, I will come back

Look what we do

Creativity has no limit.

Our students, creative all around the world ! Promoting Savoie cheese and wine in Romania and Croatia, producing a promotional short film on Baïkal lake in Siberia and so many other adventures ! Discover our students’ projects.

Practical information


You can apply for housing in a student residence while submitting your application on MoveOnLine.

Apply on MoveOnLine

Le bugey residence
Les bornes I & II Residence
Djinn Residence


The University of « Savoie Mont Blanc » offers a wide choice of sports. Each sport is offered at a different time and for different levels. You can practice sports for less than € 20.


Discover their website


Our students also organize sports and cultural events (concerts, music festivals). In this way, we share more than a classroom!

Student club

The student club Elyria will welcome you and will be there to answer your questions. When you arrive, we provide help with administrative procedures and getting to know other students. You can also take part in other student clubs of the IUT.


Need information ?

We are at your disposal for all request or questions.